With a significant number of the Ethiopian population living in poverty and urban poverty as high as 22% in Addis Ababa, the cost of school supplies such as uniforms and stationery is a source of stress for many Ethiopian families at the onset of every academic year in September. As a socially responsible company, Tana, therefore, set out to respond to this need for children in the vicinity of its workshop in Kality.

Ambra Del Gaudio, Deputy General Manager of Tana handed out school supplies for 75 schoolchildren in the Kality area of Addis Ababa. Tana worked with government officials from the woreda and Akaki Kaliti Sub city Office to identify and hand over the gifts to the children who are aged 3 to 13 and come from poor families. Each child received 15 notebooks, 4 pens, and 3 pencils. Tana and its employees – who also contributed financially to the purchase of the materials – remain committed to continuing to support the community.

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After attending the event, Mr. Greenland Ero, Head of the Akaki Kality Sub city Labour and Social Affairs Office said, “It is a first time for a private company to take such a philanthropic initiative in our area,’ and thanked Tana for the donations. In his opening speech, Alemayehu Bezabih, Head of HR and Administration welcomed the students and their families on behalf of Tana Management and said, “Neglecting the children in our society will result in severe consequences for the next generation. But if we do all that we can, as individuals and organizations, to support, love and care for the children of today, it will be a wise investment whose pleasing returns we would reap tomorrow.”