As a technical knowledge-centered enterprise, Tana strives to maintain trained manpower that is skilled in the most up-to-date mechanisms in the transport and construction equipment maintenance industry. Since 2016, Tana staff have received training packages by experts from four manufacturers and suppliers (Rabotti, ASTRA, Saeed Mohammed Al Ghandi and Zoomlion). The training was held at the Tana Training Center in Addis Ababa and consisted of theoretical and practical methods of instruction and covered a wide range of topics including under-chassis service, engine service, automotive electricity and periodic maintenance. In 2017, two training courses were offered by AMCE on ASTRA and IVECO maintenance work. AMCE also conducted an on-the-job training course on EASY diagnosis for one of Tana’s mechanical engineers. EASY is the electronic diagnosis tool used on several of the IVECO commercial vehicle models.

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In addition, technical staff from Tana travelled abroad to China and the Czech Republic to attend training on Zoomlion and ZETOR vehicles respectively. Terefe and Aschalew, engineers at Tana who took part in the training in China said, “It was a fantastic training program at Zoomline industry in China. Our visit included a tour of the company warehouse, assembly and disassembly area and also the Zoomline museum which chronicles the company’s journey from traditional to modern times.”

Tana also provides training for its key clients. In December 2016, training on ASTRA Grader was given to municipalities in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. In May 2017, staff from Bekelcha Transport Company and Aser Construction PLC both received training on IVECO mechanical and electronic maintenance using EASY tool.