Spare Parts

Eliminate down time with our Spare Parts Service that is always fully stocked and available for you. Tana Engineering prides itself in our comprehensive services. From our advanced engineering, to our commitment to using only the best, our tailored support gives you what you need when you need it most.

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Expert Training

Our comprehensive training program empowers our customers to become the experts in their field.

Our experience over the years, together with academia and industry, has kept us at the forefront of our industry. But we don’t just stop there. We have developed an international standard training center in answer to the need of making our customers knowledgeable and competent on their new equipment. Keeping your investment as valuable as it was in the beginning.

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Elevator and Escalator Maintenance

We can service and repair elevators quicker than anybody or simply install a new one to put your building deadline back on schedule.

By blending innovative solutions together with skilled expertise, our passion for excellence delivers remarkable new services exclusively to our customers. Which is why as a recognised leader for relentless quality and a commitment to using only the best, we are proud to be chosen suppliers of Schindler elevators and escalators.

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Rental Service

Get your project-started risk free with our collection of vehicles and machinery available for rental.

At Tana Engineering, we believe in making big things happen. Our combination of engineering excellence together with finding solutions tailored to our customers needs enables projects of all scales to become a success.

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