Our passion for innovation comes from over sixty years of experience in successfully blending advanced technologies and traditional craftsmanship to deliver quality and reliable solutions that are second to none.

We are complete engineers at your service. Our family owned company provides the resources and expertise needed to turn your projects into a reality. From the very beginning we guide our customers to the best equipment for them seeing them through until the end with our comprehensive services. Our team provides everything from training, to repair and maintenance, to on-site assistance with professionalism and integrity that has given us a reputation for excellence throughout Ethiopia.

We deliver reliable solutions that are second to none. Through incremental improvements in existing technology and continuous development, we have enabled radically new results in the industrial, agricultural, construction, and automotive sectors.

Our History


1977In 1977, one visionary establishes the foundations of the family business.

His name is Mr. Antonio Del Gaudio, and his skill lies in his ability to transpose the only machine shop in Ethiopia into a competent resource much to the delight of their first customers in the construction and automotive industries.

1980 In the 1980s, the company, now called Tana, searches for ways to diversify its services to meet a growing customer demand.

Rapid growth ensues when old school strength and reliability meets new opportunities expanding their humble beginnings of 3 machines and 5 employees into what it is today; a national standard of excellence with 75 machines and nearly 100 workers.

1996The 1990s launch a new era when Tana catches the attention of global suppliers forming the start of many successful partnerships.

It begins with Fiat-Hitachi and Schindler, but soon others are pursuing Tana as their trusted dealer. Through a combination of Tana's complete engineering services and technology expertise, the company is now able to provide clients with integral support and reliable solutions.

1998The inauguration of the new Kality Workshop highlights the priority clients can always expect from Tana.

At the time it was an important signal to loyal customers which continues today that they would receive support from Tana not just before the sale, but for life with the new high quality, after-services they deserved. Even today, Tana remains one of the rare family-owned workshops fully equipped and responsive to clients in a professional manner.

2000 Mrs. Severina Setti, wife of the late Mr. Del Gaudio, takes over the family business.

Having worked alongside her husband since the founding, she embraces the challenge of running the company and grows Tana at a steady and profitable pace. After earning the respect of many, she begins collecting awards from both the Italian and Ethiopian Government and various suppliers, allowing Tana to become a corporate customer of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

2005 Ambra Del Gaudio, daughter to the founders, joins the company.

After finishing university at the London School of Economics, she introduces a contemporary business development and marketing approach. Following in the footsteps of her parents, she continues the family legacy.

2013 The company introduces radical new customer-oriented support.

This support leads to the repair of machinery and trucks that was never possible before. The integration in the workshop with injection pumps and body work is only rivaled by the addition of their new commercial division aimed at making life even more convenient for their customers.

2014 The growing scale of the business justifies the establishment to open new branches across the country.

Tana continues its leading presence in Ethiopia by expanding its remarkable work in nine cities across the nation. As a company driven by customer satisfaction, Tana's well-rounded expertise grows even more bountiful through servicing the areas that need it most.

2015 Today, Tana Engineering covers the full range of expertise with our complete services.

This includes everything from preventive and repair maintenance to on-site technician visits and rental equipment. Our company is a change-leader in the automotive, construction, and agriculture sectors and continues to provide outstanding solutions to our loyal customers in government institutions and private enterprises. This is the year that marks our continued upgrade to the Kality workshop and the start of a global future featuring many exciting export opportunities.

Engineering Excellence

Tana Engineering was started in the early 1950’s by a young visionary. With only five workers, three machines, and a very small capital, these humble beginnings led this family owned and operated business into what it is today.…

Our diverse team of experts combined with a commitment to quality have made our services a leader in customer satisfaction as well as a trusted choice for international suppliers. Global brands such as New Holland Construction Equipment, Astra Veicoli Industriali, Iveco, Schindler Elevators & Escalators, and others are made available through us. This has created significant breakthroughs for our customers and the Ethiopian market.

At Tana Engineering, we give you the tools to create growth in your own industry because together we believe we can accomplish great things.


Severina Setti

General Manager

Ambra Del Gaudio

Deputy Manager